Quality policy!

At S-AppSys, quality is emphasising in every process to ensure our solutions and services offered are of the premier quality. Quality is our mission. The quality policy is our main instrument in attaining it. The policy is clearly defined, comprehensive and highly formalized. Fundamental contents of our Quality Policy are:

  • highest fulfillment of Client's expectation
  • inventive, cost and time effective services
  • reliable and continuous quality enhancement
  • Fulfillments of defined quality objective
  • Continuous valuation of market to explore challenging areas of operation.
We guarantee that quality objectives are accomplished for each work that the customer entrusts us with. Our quality control procedures are planned to filter out gross human errors and nothing is missing to chance. The quality policy holds the key to our success.

The procedures comprise following elements:
  • Task Definition
  • Task Assignment
  • QC/QA plan for each task element
  • Documentation
  • feedback

Our Quality policy, jointly with the Information Security policy, addresses all aspects of software development, software maintenance, information security, and customer support for all our solutions and services.

Every team in S-AppSys is required to stay to the practices fixed in the Quality policy and the Information Security policy. We are committed to deliver secure quality solutions and services to our clientele.