S-AppSys understands that flexibility is required to flourish in the electronics and electrical equipment business. Among a universal, competitive landscape and changing demands, you must stay one step ahead in product quality, manufacturing costs control and on-time delivery and erode margins, obsolete products, maintaining a competitive edge in this unpredictable marketplace requires an innovative strategy.

S-APPSYS offers integrated and end-to-end business solutions for the Electrical & Electronics industry to help you improve time-to-market with increased collaboration and flexibility and facilitate you adapt quickly and keep market leadership. Our industry expertise and comprehensive solutions can help you gain increased market visibility and drive costs out of the value chain.

Our Solutions enables you to

  • Slash time-to-market
    • Increase product innovation through collaboration with customers and suppliers
    • Connect customer demand requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution
    • Shorten development cycles by integrating product development with manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and suppliers
  • Improve collaboration
    • Shorten production cycles by integrating all activities
    • incorporate design with manufacturing systems
    • collect customer information and integrate it with decision making
    • get advantage of security-enhanced, cutting-edge products and technologies
  • Improve supply chain management
    • Increase visibility throughout the value chain
    • Connect customer requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution operations
    • Quickly deliver accurate quotes to customers with rich quotation processes
    • Track and manage your global inventory levels
    • Integrate post-delivery support such as service, warranty, maintenance, and the control of spare parts with your financial and manufacturing systems
    • Make fast and accurate decisions based on real-time data
With use of S-AppSys's electrical equipment enterprise resource planning (ERP) software you can link the trading partners, process and systems that make up your supply chain and manufacturing. Removing processes that do not add value and synchronizing processes within and outside a company enable you to meet customer demands for lower cost and faster delivery. Let S-AppSys assist you to go beyond your goals.