S-AppSys delivers ERP for vertical industries, such as the Steels, Engineering & Foundry industries, where we have proven experience and expertise. S-AppSys solutions for manufacturing facility deliver a robust, enterprise-wide system that remains flexible and affordable. By leveraging leading development strategies and technologies, S-AppSys's enterprise business system enables a faster implementation, easy administration, and rapid ROI.

S-AppSys solutions having broad and deep functionality for steel rods and bars manufacturing industries and cut optimization software help improve the operations for the aluminium or steels, Engineering & Foundry industries, or any metal that needs to be dimensionally optimized to improve inventory utilization. S-AppSys ERP is fully integrated with our CRM solution to deliver capabilities way beyond the typical stock maintenance or typical financial or typical sheet metal software solutions.

S-AppSys Solutions makes you to

  • Streamline operations and trim down costs
    • Make more informed decisions using real-time data from suppliers and customers, delivered through familiar desktop applications
    • Support complex and parallel engineering and manufacturing environments
  • Improve collaboration
    • Shorten production cycles by integrating product development with manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and suppliers
    • Respond quickly to changing customer requirements
    • Support customization of your products to assist in differentiation in a crowded market
  • Deliver superior customer service
    • Provide a comprehensive view of customer information
    • Connect customer requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution operations
    • Quickly deliver accurate quotes to customers with rich quotation processes
    • Integrate post-delivery support.
There is no need to purchase expensive servers and networking equipment, no need to hire programmers, engineers or analysts. Our turnkey [customisation as per your own needs] approach helps customers succeed by lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, and maximizing profits.

S-AppSys solutions are designed to eliminate the manual procedures and paper documents typically associated with the the Steels, Engineering & Foundry industries.