The S-AppSys Academy Partner

Universities, community colleges and computer training institutions partnering with S-AppSys have made a commitment to ensure their students have access to learning resources that will enable them to graduate with a strong foundation in S-AppSys Business management and planning solutions. Effective and extremely useful, the S-AppSys Academy courses help you train candidates in accounting, business management and planning and help them make the best out of S-AppSys Business management and planning solutions.

The courseware is modular like our solutions. S-AppSys will help the Academic Partners by co-sponsoring workshops, where their faculty will learn and share effective teaching techniques - especially how to integrate S-AppSys Business management and planning solutions into business planning and business management papers.

Authorised Training Centres

Approved Academic Partners can also act as learning centres to teach S-AppSys material to regional employers. The S-AppSys courseware enables each Authorised Training Centre to provide top-class training and also make big profits. As an Authorised Training Centre you get world class S-AppSys Business management and planning software to train your students. With unstained support from S-AppSys and growing popularity of S-AppSys end to end Business solutions, as an Authorised Training Centre of S-AppSys you are sure to make huge profits and be a winner.

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