S-AppSys has partnered with big open source and commercial Software Solutions houses; by this S-AppSys align itself with leading business innovations, speedup the design of unique vertical market solutions to decrease customer risk, creating operational efficiencies and achieving maximum return on investment. The outcome is a tightly-integrated solution and technology of providing accurate, real-time information, whether for single site or enterprise, multi-national implementation.

S-AppSys partners with Apache foundation to deliver best of breed, innovative products that leverage the latest in Apache open source products to reduce the TCO and enhance the ROI of our customers and to deliver most robust and scalable products

S-AppSys partners with Sun to deliver best of breed, innovative products that leverage the latest in Sun Java software technologies.

A member of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program, S-AppSys is working on making its End to End Business solutions available on most of HP's high performance platforms and systems. Through collaborating with strategic partners such as Hewlett Packard, who share S-AppSys values, go-to-market approach and who have high-quality solutions, we can complement each other's applications, technology and service portfolios and competitively address the growing needs of our customers.

S-AppSys works closely with Intel within the IntelĀ® Software Partner Program and this allows S-AppSys to align its development and collaborate with Intel to help create demand and drive value for our joint customers. We provide the effectiveness and flexibility of the S-AppSys product range to any company within Intel's wide customer base providing them with the ability to better and faster meet the challenges and changes that arise in today's business environment.