Open Source Technologies
We are having deep roots in Open Source Technologies. We develop, integrate and enhance browser based solutions in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, JSP, ASP, jQuery, Ruby-on-Rails and develop database backend in MySQL and PostgresSQL. We use several open source software like Python, Groovy, Apache solutions like Derby, Tomcat branches, Apache Geronimo, openEJB and log4j etc to provide our clients with low cost solutions.

Our combination of client-side scripting, backend programming, database development and usable interface design and N tire Application development produce simple, intuitive and productivity-enabling application solutions.

Our open source expertise includes in following
  • Apache
    • ANT
    • Tomcat
    • Geronimo
    • OpenEJB
    • OpenJPA
    • POI
    • DB & DB Tools[ Derby ,DButils, Torque, ORB,  JDO ]
    • Xalan
    • Xerces
    • XML
    • XMLBeans
    • XML Graphics  etc.,
  • Netbeans platform
  •  MySQL, PostgresSQL
  • PHP, Python etc.,
Open Source Consulting
S-AppSys has put in great efforts in developing best practices for application development using Open Source technologies and we are proving specialised consultancy on the above technologies by having strategic alliance with our clients.

Enterprises having in-house IT development team can get our consultancy by partnering with us. We will provide you an exceptional consultancy by establishing new development paradigm to increase your IT Team’s operational excellence using open source technologies and will implement AGILE development scenario.

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