Our SOA Excellence
A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-led approach to creating software that encourages the use of technology to deliver high-level services that a business offers to its customers and suppliers. It establishes a distinct technology platform, enabling business applications to be turned into business functions and services.

S-AppSys SOA implementation has helped companies to manage rapid, flexible, business change. Our best practice design pattern allows internal and external business processes to be combined and reused, which simplifies access to key functions and lowers development costs.

Our SOA implementation will help you to
  • Enables your business transformation by providing visibility of enterprise level business processes
  • Encourages Management to measure the business processes and supporting services Support reliable, organization-specific data and business processes
  • Greater ROI
  • Enhance agility in responding to changes in business requirements
  • Enable the lower TCO
  • Reduces risk through the re-use of proven services
  • Reduces redundancy of systems
  • Eases future interoperability internally and to external third parties
The advent of the SOA model promises a more flexible application architecture that can accommodate new and evolving business processes. We have a clear methodology to ensure end-to-end delivery and have been delivering SOA by our best industry specific practice. Our team includes professionals with real experience in designing, developing and implementing SOA.

Our hosted SOA Service
S-AppSys is partnering with leading hosting companies to offer hosted Business Applications to the clients. This will benefit small businesses to leverage their operational efficiency. Our hosted SOA will provide you lower TCO and 0% investment on infrastructure maintenance of servers and HR resources, Today the broadband facilities are grown up so you can access your MIS and can maintain day to day billing and HR, salesforce automation with out any hassles by using our SOA enabled products with our 99% uptime hosted services.

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